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Monday, May 02, 2005

Dried Out and Ready to Get Wet

Hi everyone, sorry I've been away. I woke up a couple of weeks ago suffering from blood-loss in Tijuana. I was missing a kidney and living with a family of 20 and a herd of Donkeys (Donkeys are in herds right? – Have R&D look into that) in this ram-shackle of a barn. Jarvis came and got me and brought me home to the Big Apple, where Richard was kind enough to clone me a kidney and everyone was keeping me company and away from booze. Of course I have a company to run first and solving all the problems took two days, then I spend a week or so working with Reed on new Quantum Resonance Generators, which once Stark Industries puts that in development should keep people off my back for a while and occupy Nick Furry for a bit as he dreams up ways of making it into a weapon. So after sitting and watching TV and reading 20 books I decided that I was dry for long enough and it’s Circuit Party in Prague Time!

(I go for the booze and the curious lip-stick Lesbians - I leave the But-Pirate stuff to Jarvis, it keeps him happy and that keeps me happy)So I'm off the wagon and running half naked doing the bump with the Olsen twins! - I hope they’re the Olsen Twins anyway. I'll be in touch. Oh, and if and when impending doom visits the good ole US of A, Iron Man will save the day!